I was truly fortunate to come across Maaike and her Energy Survival Kit at a moment when I was suffering from a lot of stress, both in the private and professional sphere. At first, I could not believe how such simple tools could make such a huge difference, but I have proof they do! There is a lot of knowledge and wisdom behind them, but they are surprisingly practical, easy to perform and the incredible thing is that all you need are your own two hands and no one notices what you are doing so you can apply these tools anytime anywhere. As soon as I feel my unresourceful old patterns emerging I can regulate my own stress and energy level and regain control. I now manage to sleep again as I feel I am more in charge. I was also fascinated by Maaike’s knowledge around colors and their effect on us. Whether it be the colors we wear, we eat, we drink and we surround ourselves with, a real eye-opener.

Once I had given the tools in the Energy Survival Kit the benefit of the doubt and had whole heartedly started to practice, the effect was immediate. The magical thing is that I can apply them in all sorts of situations, so they are tools for life. I have already started teaching my children and those around me so they too can benefit, and I know that is a wish close to Maaike’s heart. I seriously recommend Maaike’s Energy Survival Kit, it may well change your life!

Julie Kennedy, Kennedy Connection

I have been doing sessions with Maaike in the past 11 years. She has accompanied me on my path and been such a support during the very turbulent years of illness (Lyme disease), and deep transformation that I have gone through. I do not know how I would have been able to navigate these years without Maaike. Whenever in the past I was struggling, a session with Maaike would solve the crises and have me look at the bright side of life again. Maaike deeply understands the human condition and she is not afraid of the depths of it. She can listen with deep caring and wisdom and a good sense of humour to that.

My experience with Maaike is, that whatever is your problem, she has a solution for it. Maaike has trained in energy work for years and years. Her Energy Survival Kit is the culmination of all that she learned and practised. It is truly Maaike: hands-on, easy to use, and very effective. Highly recommendable!

Catherine van Royen

Maaike is a great and most inspiring C-level senior coach. She a special one, who teaches you how you win, balance and use your personal energy. Whilst being a good listener she is most impactful. I can recommend Maaike to any senior leader looking for the best energy balance in their private and business life.
29 december 2019

Barbro van der Ham:
Je bent geweldig Maaike! Zo veel goeds ervaren door regelmatig de oefeningen te doen uit jouw Energy Survival Kit.
9 februari 2020

Thanks, Maaike. Your workshop was very inspiring.

Sibylle – ABN AMRO

Thanks so much for this , I am already feeling better and more engaged daily!

Katie  – ABN AMRO

De samenwerking met Maaike was boven verwachting. In het begin had ik zo mijn twijfels want ik had nog nul ervaring met haar handelswijze en was bang dat het misschien te “zweverig” voor mij zou zijn. Nou, ik kon er niet meer naast zitten. Wat zij doet en de kennis die zij heeft zijn juist heel praktisch en bijzonder doeltreffend. Ik ben nu een paar maanden verder na mijn samenwerking met haar en ik ervaar echt blijvende resultaten. Vooral op het gebied van het doorbreken van oude patronen. Los daarvan is ze een enorm fijne persoonlijkheid met echt oor voor de persoon en neemt alle tijd. Zeer professioneel. Ik kan het iedereen aanraden die vastloopt in bepaalde processen en extra hulp kan gebruiken.

Roos, Healthy Cooking Expert

Bianca, Health and Wellness coach