Your Energy Survival kit helps you to live life carried by the flow and you can make this happen!

You will become independent, the exercises will take only a few minutes and all you need are your own 2 hands and the knowledge I will give you to make sure that you can use your energy in the most effective and efficient way possible.

The kit has been tested by many people worldwide and it is with gratitude to them that the kit is optimalized.

What is Your Energy Survival kit?

The kit contains a treasure of energy and stress management tools allowing you to lower your stress level and optimize your energy level.

The Y.E.S. kit holds 3 workshops:

  1. Energy and stress management. Nobody will be able to tell you are lowering your stress level while at a meeting or in the chair at the dentist;
  2. Colour: Which colours do I eat, wear and drink? What are the benefits of the different colours? How can I reduce the effects of stress on my body?
  3. Improving quality of sleep. What can I do when I wake up every night at the same time? How can I fall back to sleep as soon as possible? How can I reduce the effects of jetlag?

All 3 workshops will take about 2 hours each and can be held at your location. The kit is always adapted to the targetgroup.

What are the advantages of the kit?

  • You will be able to apply the tools easily and quickly
  • You will feel less stress, even though it is there
  • You will be able to maintain a higher energy level
  • You will be able to apply the tools anytime and anywhere

All you need are your own 2 hands and the knowledge I will be giving you!

When you have the discipline to implement and apply the knowledge, you will notice that your quality of life and productivity will enhance significantly so that the chances of burn-out and sick leave can be lowered dramatically.


The greater purpose of the kit is to make the world a better place by passing on the tools to your family, friends and everyone you like.

The kit has been assembled for all the ambitious women who want to live life to the fullest. The kit will allow you to live that life, without all the fatigue and stress you may be facing because of it.