This kit has resulted from my dream to make the world for kids somewhat easier and better. So that they get labeled less en can be themselves plus that they learn to be more independent. The kit is made for them to become more self-supporting. The only thing kids need are their own two hands and making an effort to practice.

It started with Confucius’ quote:

If you have a plan for one year, plant rice

If you have a plan for ten years, plant trees

If you have a plan for 100 years, educate children

How necessary is it for kids these days to exercise and move more effectively. And to learn how to manage themselves better so as to enable them to live their blueprint.

The exercises consist mostly of movement. This specifically helps with learning and reducing stress, having more energy that can be used more effectively and efficiently. As long as we move there is change. This is the result of learning and living life itself.

When, as a child, you are forced to sit still a lot, you become less clear in your head and less creative. This makes kids less flexible. All in all, it creates stress early on.

You can do the exercises anywhere. Together in class, in the bathroom, during a test, in the dentist chair and in many other places. There where you need it.

The exercises reduce stress and make more energy available, both physically as well as mentally.

I’m convinced that the children will experience a better quality of life with this kit. So that later on they believe in themselves and are able to live their passion to the fullest!