As a child I had plenty of energy. After I turned 40 my life changed.

I was in the hospital several times for quite a long time. Because of the good care and kindness of the doctors and nurses, I often thought I needed to take better care of myself. I needed to take responsibility for my life. I realized how incredibly dependent I was. I started to wonder “What can I do to stay healthy besides what the doctors can do for me? So I delved into the art of selfcare.

I became a health & wellness coach, color therapist, kinesiologist, touch 4 health instructor and teacher at ‘A Wellness Revolution’. I also started my own practice. With the help of all the knowledge I had been able to absorb and my clients, who had the discipline to implement what I taught them, their lives started to improve with more energy and less stress.

People started to ask me how I managed to have the energy to maintain such a busy lifestyle. They wanted to know the ‘secret’ to my high energy level.

So now the secret is coming out. I combined all the tools and the knowledge I discovered over the last few years and created a treasure box of selfcare gems.

The key to this treasure box is available to you! The box holds what I have called ‘Your Energy Survival kit’. With the help of feedback from people all over the world who have tested the tools, I was able to optimize it to what it is today. The kit basically holds the ultimate answer to what I needed to survive the biggest challenges in my life.

During the workshops I pass this knowledge and the tools on how to use ‘Your Energy Survival kit. The beauty of the kit is the fact that many of its tools are easy to apply, will only take a few minutes and can be used at any time and any place without anyone else even noticing. It will be your own ‘secret to an energetic life’, enabling you to effortlessly apply and divide your energy, leaving plenty of time and attention for whatever is important in your life. You will feel stronger than ever.  

My dream is that everyone attending the YESkit-workshop can and will pass the ‘secret’ on to family, friends and colleagues, teaching them in turn how to use the tools. Our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will have a better and less stressful life. Let’s make YOUR world a better place.